Long overdue update!

Well it has been a long time since I wrote a Venom update.

I will start with, I adore him… He is the full package, solid nerves, massive drive and just a nice dog.

Am I biased? you bet I am.

I am inspired to write this update as today I took some time off because I have been working 18 hour days and I just needed a few hours to reset and do something else. So what did I do?

I put Venom in the truck and out we went, first to Richmond for a walk through the main street to check how his progress and self control was. Out of the car he hopped and he instantly settled into walking along beside me ignoring most everything.

I got a few looks as I am neutralizing him to various pieces of equipment and at one stage he was walking along with: –
Flat K9 Pro Premium Leather collar, this is all he really wears in training.
Prong Collar, not using one to train him, he has never received any style of correction, but if he ever does, he will have worn one.
Stabilisation collar, I don’t envisage ever needing one, but it was another piece of equipment.
A Ruffwear Webmaster Harness

Whilst I may never need to use these things, I have him used to wearing equipment anyway.

He was exceptionally good given the amount of time I have spent training him. In fact today was his first walk in a city street, ever. He was well behaved, relaxed, didn’t trigger on anyone or anything, did I tell you I adore him?

We next went to see Vickie Priestley to say Hi, Venom stayed in his crate but was a good boy too!

Off to the park near Vickie’s we went where I wanted to test and proof some of the “Life Skills” I need all my dogs to have, this means I need to be able to walk through new area’s with variable distractions and no leash. Birds were there to chase, workmen, a few dogs and some kids on bikes. I was thrilled to see his recall was 100% on all distractions, he checked in with me often and really stayed in touch with me. He walked next to me when the distractions were high, and whilst interested, he was really in tune with me.

Formally or foundation work wise, I have trained the sit and the down, the recall and the close position between my legs, some basic nose work and jumping etc. I have purposely not pushed the formality so far as to label the heel position for example a boring and over rehearsed exercise. So I still have a very, VERY motivated pup.

At just over 6 months I am delighted at where he is and feel he is right on track.

Informally, he is a weapon on the tug with a very good out, full mouth grip and superb strike on cue, he understands markers and is a very fast learner.

He has amazing food drive and is quite fond of my attention. He is very well crate trained and can remain in his crate longer than he should be, but work commitments mean this is a need. He is a great shaper, when reward pressure is there, he will repeatedly shape new behaviours.

The other day I was cleaning the drive way with the blower, he was with me (he pretty much always is). He was really trying to get me to work him but I didn’t as I needed to finish my chores. He threw out a heel position, got in front of me and did a number of fast multiples of sits and drops, I kept on working. He shoved himself between my legs trying to push the close position, I kept on working. In a desperate attempt to get my attention, he bit me on the arse, lol, it worked,

I told him off, he is 100% resilient to pressure, you could shout at him, threaten to hit him, makes no difference, he is way to hard to even contemplate that as pressure. I looked at his face, it had that mischievous look on it, lol. I told him get the tug in which he found a stock and shoved it at me.

Did I tell you I adore him?

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  1. Thanks for the update! He sure sounds like he is going well! I’ve had my bum pinched a couple of times too πŸ™‚ … by my dog I mean πŸ™‚

    Look forward to hearing the next update and some more vids!

  2. yeah well it surely helps get my attention lol

  3. Sharonika Singh

    What a fabulous pup you have. Go Venom!! Lol, he’s shaping you by the sounds of it…a bite on the ass will do it every time :p

  4. “In a desperate attempt to get my attention, he bit me on the arse, lol, it worked”


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