K9 Pro Workshop Update

With our WA workshop tickets released we have had a lot of enquiries about our upcoming workshops in QLD and VIC.

Steve’s WA private consults sold out within a day and we now only have 1 or 2 handler spots left for the workshop, and an extremely limited number of spectator spots remaining. If you are interested in the remaining places, click here to find out more information about the WA workshop.

We intentionally keep our workshop numbers small, and will not release further tickets once they have sold out. Steve likes to ensure our workshops are as personal as possible, and he will work with every dog there over the course of the workshop. Whilst you don’t get the tailored one on one assistance you get with private consult, it is still important to us that you take away as much as possible from our workshops. We only ever have a maximum of 10-15 handler and dog spots available at workshops for this reason.

We hope to release our QLD workshop and private consult tickets later this week and VIC workshop tickets in the next few weeks – Steve is very popular in both QLD and VIC and in the past workshop tickets there have sold out in hours. We will announce tickets will be going on a sale a few hours before releasing them for purchase to give those interested as much opportunity as possible to purchase a ticket, again once they have sold out we won’t release any more tickets so you need to be quick!

We are confirming the venue for the Brisbane workshop now and are very excited to be heading back to QLD next month.

Steve has a number of Government workshops to hold between now and the rest of the year, so we can confirm now that we will not be booking anymore public workshops for 2013.

Keep your eyes peeled for more information on QLD and VIC workshops!

About SteveK9Pro

Steve Courtney is a Nationally Accredited Canine Behaviour Specialist, Obedience Trainer, Law Enforcement Dog Trainer and ANKC Breeder. Steve has been training dogs all his life and in these articles he shares with you his experience...

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  1. Please advise as soon as you get dates for Victoria as Im coming from New Zealand and need to book flights etc. Thanks

  2. I would love to be in the next workshop in Brisbane, could you notify me ,time and place
    thanks Jane

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