K9 Pro aims to offer even better service, big announcement!

Big News from K9 Pro Headquarters

K9 Pro has been going from strength to strength every month and we are so grateful for your support. One issue we always struggle with is time, there just never is enough to get everything done in the time we have.

We are always looking at ways to solve this problem and were pleased to announce were … moving forward toward one that we are sure you will be as excited about as we are.

Just over a year ago now we hired Rebecca Chin to work for us part time, helping with promotions, workshops, emails and order enquiries and we have been delighted with her work and we feel that she has a real talent with people and dogs.

A few months ago we spoke to Bec about giving her more work and also training her in dog training and behaviour programs, Bec has been back and forth to Sydney a number of times for training, completing online training with Steve and helping with puppy temperament testing in Queensland with Steve overseeing her work via Skype!

Modern technology hey!

Having all this said we can today make official that Rebecca Chin will be moving to Sydney and working full time at K9 Pro Headquarters, with her primary role being our Sales and Marketing Coordinator and also developing her training skills to help us offer a wider range of services with a shorter waiting list.

We would like you to welcome Bec on board!

Give her your support, we expect her to be in our office full time by the end of August 2012.

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  1. That is great news Bec congratulations! You are perfect for the job

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