It’s OK he’s friendly!

I was out with one of my dogs, at the vet actually as she was pregnant and there for a health check.

There were many dogs there that day, I wrote about that here.

Anyway, this one guy gets his own blog article. Chances are you have met him, or at least someone like him.

Let’s call him Entitled Eddie.

He hops out of his car with his dog wearing its super gentle (not so gentle on the dogs structure), multiple trend ticking, colourful harness, made from all natural carbon neutral materials, chai latte colour, attached to his matchy matchy extra stretchy leash.

Entitled Eddie’s dog a big Golden Retriever male, full of life.

It saw a dog in the carpark and took off towards it, EE running after him to keep the leash loose.

After a greeting in they came.

The Golden Retriever drags EE into vet surgery as he smiles. EE’s dog stretches super trendy stretchy leash to get to the first dog it sees as EE trots along after and smiles at the owner saying “it’s ok, he is friendly he just wants to say hi

Eddie’s dog stood over the other dog in a not so nice way then moved on to the next dog that had a snarl at him.

Entitled Eddie now announcing to everyone there saying “oh he is not friendly!” And then his dog spots mine.

Eddie beams me a smile as his dog rockets at mine and just as he opens his mouth, I give him a stern “no!” 

I blocked his dog by grabbing its leash close to the harness and lifting his dog up and handing it back to him.

Guess what. Eddie was offended. Eddie was not happy with me at all. How dare I stop his dog from doing what it wants with mine.

He pulled on his dogs stretchy anti stress (anti control) leash and funky trendy anti pull harness and told his dog how rude I was and “don’t worry we will find other friends”. 

Entitled Eddie is a jerk, and his dog was too because Eddie had taught him to be.

Eddie sat down stroking his ego and his Golden Retriever throwing me quick dirty looks and muttering some crap to his dog.

I was advocating for my dog and I could care less about him and what his dog “wants”.

Number one.

His dog was not friendly.

He was rude, obnoxious and demanding, posturing over the other dogs aiming to get them be submissive. The dog ignored their signs of discomfort and fear and just pushed his way in whilst Eddie told everyone it was ok!

Number two.

This is a vet, not a daycare or play date Eddie.

Your dog is not there to make friends. Teach your dog to have manners and greet appropriately when it’s appropriate

Number three.

None of the other dog owners in the vet wanted Eddies dog greeting theirs, friendly or not. That didn’t matter to Eddie though, because he wants his dog to have whatever his dog wants. Even at the expense of others.

These people are everywhere. 

“He’s friendly”

“He just wants to say hi!”

“She just wants to play”

“Just let him say hi and then he will be happy”

What blows me away the most is that they get offended and make comments like it’s me who has the issue!

Eddies out there, I know you won’t change. So for everyone that you bother, I have some tips

No means no.

No can be the start and end of the conversation, don’t feel like you need to justify no. Be comfortable with just saying no and walking off.

Want to be more polite? “No thanks” is polite and also means no.

Don’t say nothing.

Nothing to these people = yes.

Dogs that become aggressive through fear and pressure do so because their owners did not say “no”. Dogs came up to, stood over, nipped, pawed, danced around and teased your dog when your dog was feeling uncomfortable.

The dog probably gave some passive distance increasing signals that no body paid attention too or noticed, so your dog had only one option left to get the pressure off. Aggression.

Don’t explain yourself.

You don’t have to and when you do, this is how these people feel it’s up for discussion.

Don’t allow the dog to reach yours.

When time is on my side, I will run these steps, when rushed maybe just number 5

  1. No
  2. Place my dog behind me and block access
  3. Raise my voice at owner
  4. Physically grab dog and drag it back to owner.
  5. If this doesn’t work, what ever it takes.

Now, I am talking about my well socialised, well trained dogs that have no issues with other dogs.

If it is a dog that I am rehabilitating, well I am even more motivated to keep that dog from these experiences.

Does that mean my dogs never meet other dogs or never play? No, of course not.

But they will never be allowed to race up to another dog, pester, push or antagonise the dog to get what they want.

How does this happen?  Read My article In dog etiquette to learn more

Don’t reward Entitled Eddie by letting him or her use your dog to entertain theirs. 

Stop them before it happens and advocate for your dog.

Eddie will need to find other Eddies to hang out with.

We always love to hear your comments , yes even you Eddie if your game, so comment below how many of you out there have met entitled Eddie or someone like him.

I hope this helps you.



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  1. Julie Fieldhouse

    Sometimes it helps to say “My dog has kennel cough/ringworm/parvo and is contagious “ they don’t tend to hang around ??

  2. Hahaha, gosh I laughed at reading about all these types of owners and dogs and YES, have met heaps of Entitled Eddie’s. It’s why I no longer walk my dogs , it’s not worth the aggravation to me or my dogs . So, the EE’s and all those others have won !!

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