I type this from the Airport lounge in Sydney Domestic Terminal, I am on my way to visit the Nordenstamm camp again to select another Malinois.

When I met the Kollenbergs during the selection of Nordenstamm Venom, Jens Kollenberg made me an offer that I came home to think about for a few weeks.

The Kollenbergs are moving back to Germany very soon and this would mean that Nordenstamm would not be breeding Malinois in Australia any more.

On my return to Sydney I discussed this with Alison and we thought about it for a few weeks. In these few weeks Venom has amazed, astounded and surprised me and exceeded any expectations I had, and I had plenty!

I have worked with a few Malinois here in Australia and overseas and I personally have yet to find better than these lines.

We could not let them leave Australia, so I can officially announce that the puppy I select today will be a female. Nordenstamm Wisdom!

This girl will be developed as best we can and as she is an outcross to Venom, when they are of age if they still meet the grade, they will be bred.

We also secured the breeding units held by Nordenstamm, frozen semen from Hassan (Venoms sire) and European Malinois royalty, Kasper Airport Hanover!

Just like everything we do, we will try our best to produce the best Malinois you will find…

Stay tuned!

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  1. How exciting for Team K9 Pro. You are going to be very busy but I bet you enjoy every minute of the ride! Pity they don’t come in black though LOL. Love a black dog myself. 🙂

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