Measure your dog for a crate

Crate training is one of the best things you can do for your dog, reads our article on 10 reasons to crate train your dog”.


The crate size is important, it cant be too small so your dog is cramped up nor should it be big enough to be a play pen. It is a resting / relaxing / safe place for your dog so its size should be just right. Remember that the crate is never a place to punish your dog.

Measure your dog for a crate

Measure your dog from nose to rump and add 10cm for an adult dog, if you have a puppy you can get the size your dog will need as an adult, but fill the extra space up with a board or some type of divider so your puppy learns to relax in the crate.







Measure your dog for a crate

Next measure your dogs height when sitting, floor to highest part of head.









With these measurements you can choose a crate to suit your dog here

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  1. Thanks! I was trying to explain to a friend why it was such a good idea and your article does it better than I could 🙂



  2. Hi Steve- I was looking for the article- 10 reasons to crate train your dog to send to a friend but it won’t load, nor can I find it when I search! Can you help me find it?


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