Goodbye Busta…

As many of you know, Busta the Goldy came to us about a year ago now, he needed a little training and some fitness work but he has been a great old soul to have around. He loved our kids and was always very gentle with them, I think he is the only dog I own that hasn’t ever knocked over Biscuit.

He has been very happy here this last year, getting to come out in many lessons and workshops I have done, meeting lots of dogs and my new pups of course. What he lacked in intelligence he sure made up for in character, like most old dogs I guess.

A few months ago Busta started displaying a lot of anxiety preceding storms, he never had this issue before then but his reactions have gotten worse over this time, so much so that I needed to calm him a lot lately as we have had such bad weather.

In the last two days Busta started to display some symptoms that indicated that he has a brain tumor – loss of balance, losing his awareness and where abouts.

Last night he was growling and barking at no one there and in a severe state of panic, it was very sad to see him so scared.

He rested over night and was scratching at the back of his skull this morning and biting his feet, his eyes were vacant.

I took him for a walk and then to my vet, we discussed his behaviour and sadly there were no real treatment options given his age and his state of panic. We decide it was only fair that Busta left us this morning.

We are devastated at his loss but know it was the right decision. Thank you to everyone who has followd Busta’s story over the past year, we loved having him as part of K9 Pro and as part of our family.


This was one of his favourite things, laying on a blanket with us in the sun.

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  1. Vale Busta. He had a wonderful final year with you and your family.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear Steve, you did wonderfully with Busta, rehabilitating him and taking him in as part of yout own family. Hugs

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