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Garsova German Shepherds

Garsova German Shepherds meet Steve Courtney from K9Pro

Recently, I flew to beautiful Tasmania to work with group of people in a focus workshop on Life Skills and Training in Drive.

This project was aimed at working with Jolanda Naarding from Garsova Working Line German Shepherds puppy owners from the past few litters, so I had German Shepherds from young pups to adolescents to work with.

garsovaWhen news leaked that I was heading to Hobart, enquiries flooded in so it turned into an adventure of private consults and the workshop.

During planning, I was very keen to gather only a small focus group so I could work close with each handler, answer each and every question and cover some really great stuff. I wanted this to be a close working group and whilst I have done the 100 plus people events, I was aiming for a different target this time, so we kept the numbers to under 15 working places.

Saturday came and I had really enjoyed working in the private consults, and now it was time to meet the workshop attendees. I thought it would be a good idea to start with a Pre Workshop BBQ and drinks, giving those who could make it a chance to socialise with other puppy owners and myself. We met and got to talking and it wasn’t long before I knew I had just met an awesome bunch of people and we might just be in for an excellent two days.

And you know what, I was right…

I feel very lucky to have connected with this group, everyone was warm, friendly, inviting, attentive and we all had a great time together.

As we started the practical sessions of the workshop, the Garsova dogs just fell into place for me and I could not asked for better participant dogs, some looked like demonstration dogs I had trained earlier with little effort at all! “Thems those genetics!”. 

Life skills, food work, tug games, bite work – it all happened and it all rocked.garsova

Sunday came around and everyone showed up, not the workshop attendees, but my new friends. I felt 100% comfortable with them and I am sure they did with me. The jokes were made both by me and at me and we all laughed, at times cried and had a blast.

There were a couple of dogs that were not sure of the social setting, one was a very special girl and she was unsure of strange men. The guys said that I was a “strange man” and that she would be hesitant and nervous of me.

I began to work with her and I could see that she was looking for guidance, which I patiently gave her. It was in no time that she let me in and allowed me to share her warm personality with her. She is just an outstanding girl and once I showed her trust, she reciprocated and pressed herself against me as I kneeled next to her.

She stood there for a long time absorbing the affection, and sharing with me what I am sure her owner loves about her.

There must have been a stiff wind blowing dust around because when I looked up, many eyes were watering.

We laughed, we joked, we trained and played, and we became friends with the promise to one another that we will keep supporting each other and meet up again soon.

garsovaI also got a good snap shot of the Garsova breeding program, met all the dogs and worked with a few of Jolanda’s personal dogs and I was very impressed on many levels. Jolanda works tirelessly with her dogs full time and is constantly improving her breeding facility.

She has supplied a number of dogs for Police Service roles and I can see why they are happy with them.

She supports her puppy buyers and provides them with access to opportunities like the focus group we have created, and one thing is for sure, they sure all do love their Garsova puppies!

The workshop came to an end and I can’t tell you who felt more privileged, the group to work with me or me to meet such a great bunch of people. It really says something when I close a workshop and a line forms, I turn around and am hugged and have my hand shook off by the group.

We now have a a dedicated Facebook page where we can support one another with workshop follow up and great pictures, I have set challenges already to keep this momentum going!

If your looking for a Working Line German Shepherd I would suggest you take a look at Jolanda Naardings dogs.

Enjoy some pictures taken by Eric Graudins and Jolanda Naarding.

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