Foods that spell DANGER to dogs and cats

We just put a new article up in our Knowledge Base about Foods that spell DANGER to dogs and cats. It is something every pet owner should read as I think that there will be some foods in there that will shock you.

For example (though not related), when people find out that Aspirin is highly toxic to cats they are surprised as it is something we humans may take to feel better, so they assume it will carry over to their cat, well not so. This is why this article is important as many of the foods listed are very healthy for us humans, just not at all good for dogs, some are even fatal in the right (or wrong) dose.

I know that at one time or another I would have fed some of these foods to my dogs before I knew better, and no I haven’t lost a dog to poisoning, but this doesn’t mean that what they ate was good for them or didn’t cause any harm. Most people won’t die from one cigarette but that doesn’t mean they aren’t harmful.

Any food my dogs eat is given to them to produce a result, obviously to keep them alive is the first protocol, but feeding them foods that will give them energy, build muscle, sustain their immune system etc are also very important to me.

This is why knowing which foods produce what results and which foods are harmful to dogs is very important to me.

I feed my dogs a raw diet, it is “my” belief this is the best option for my dogs. I am not a qualified nutritionist, but I have had dogs all of my life, and lots of them. Most dogs have worked or at least been super active and the diet that I feed my dogs has always produced the results I need to see, healthy, fit, active dogs that live long lives.

I have spent many years researching diets and supplements and feel that I have a solid knowledge foundation of the canine diet. Many people who avoid RAW diets made at home simply fear they will miss out on an important piece of the “BARF diet puzzle” and do harm, I recommend if you’re in that category then take a look at Dr Billinghursts books, they really make understanding the BARF diet straightforward and easy enough for people follow.

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