Feeding Venom

I have fed my dogs raw for many years, I am not an animal dietician, but when I am interested in a topic, I study it in depth, so as dogs are my passion, I have read all I can find on nutrition for dogs and pups.  I believe the first 5 years of a dog’s life are the years that determine their life span in terms of health and diet. I make 100% sure that dogs that I take on are fed the best I can find.

I buy Venom’s food from Woolworthes, Coles, the Butcher and Fish Monger, same as the food I feed my children. It isn’t the cheapest way but if you shop for prices that have been marked down, it isn’t as expensive as you may think.

Between the ages of 8 weeks and 18 weeks, Venom eats a mixture of : – beef, lamb, pork, kangaroo, chicken, turkey, offal such as beef heart, liver etc, sardines, various fish types. I give him meat that he can eat and bones he can chew from all of these animals. I also give him about 5 raw eggs per week, salmon oil twice a day, 2 vitamin E gel caps a day and vitamin C daily as well.

All his food is fed raw and sometimes I smash the bones up so he can swallow them, but as he gets older, he is able to break up bones better than me. I give him half a raw chicken in one piece; I do this as I want him to be able to develop his jaw muscles, teeth and skills whilst breaking apart his meal. He works hard and eats a lot, I want him to have the very best diet he can have that will not grow him over or under size, not grow him too fast or weak. He looks amazing and is very healthy.

We are on tank water and we filter our water that we drink, the water I give him is filtered as well. When he is inside I don’t give him access to unlimited water, I give him water to drink then toilet him. I monitor his daily water intake.  When he is around 16 weeks, I will start him on a little yogurt a day, acidophilus yogurt that I will add pro biotic too, this aids digestion and will help him get the maximum input from his diet.

Very little of his daily meals are fed outside of training, a turkey leg for example will be the reward for a super recall, it is given from my hand, most of the beef he eats is chopped steak that I use as treats.

I believe a raw diet is the best you can give your dog, it is worth looking into.


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