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As most of our clients will know, we frequently send programs in PDF form etc as an email attachment. This at times makes other people emails servers get all upset and either bounce back they email we sent or just spam it.

We have employed many different ideas from our IT people and whilst some of them improved things, there was no real guarantee that all email servers out there would process our emails.

In an attempt to gain our own internet identity we have obtained our own dedicated server which is not in any way connected to any others who sent emails, and it is the “theory” that as long as we follow file size protocol etc we will alleviate this problem once and for all.

I don’t think we were not receiving emails from clients, but of course we are not to know, but I do know that one or two people per month didn’t get their programs.

They are tweaking this dedicated server over the coming weeks and hopefully this will be the end of these dramas!

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