Steve Courtney Dog Training

Positive doesn’t mean good

When it comes to dog training I find that using technical jargon, “big words”, scientific terms to describe simple things a complete waste of time and learning that Positive doesn’t mean good is a big part of clearing up misconceptions in dog training. I mean, many people I see, I would say the majority, are nervous and anxious about their dogs …

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Working Dog Gear

working dog gear

When developing a dog for a working or high end sport role, using the right working dog gear can make the difference between your dog performing at a very average level or worse, not being prepared at all, to a dog that has developed his or her mind, body and behaviour to excel at what he or she has been …

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Emotional Speed Limits for your dog

Does your dog know the road rules? Let’s talk about setting emotional speed limits for your dog Imagine this: a world where we can drive at any speed we want, any time we want. No need to indicate, get your license, stick to the correct lane – just zig zag along the road at any speed you desire. It would …

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Woman Killed by dog in Canberra Australia

Today we have heard of a dog attack that has resulted in a “Woman Killed by dog in Canberra”, a man injured and Police having to shoot the dog dead to contain the threat. Amongst all the angst of dog lovers the country wide going through, the ranges of emotions that come when a dog is involved in an incident …

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Medicating dogs with Behaviour problems

Given that the dog world is a highly political place where there seems to be a need for an “us and them”, a need to name and shame trainers and behaviourists that choose different methods and techniques than you, this post has to come with some caveats. * I would first like to state that I am NOT A VETERINARIAN. …

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Are Dogs With Behaviour Problems Abused?

I was walking at our local markets with our young female Malinois, Blaze, the other weekend and I got chatting to one of the locals. They mentioned they had seen Steve and myself walking some of our board and train dogs in the area most week day mornings, and asked what they are being trained for? I gave the honest answer which …

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Are you a good dog handler?

dog handler

The term dog handler is the term used to identify or describe the person who is in charge of the dog, who guides, drives and limits the dog and helps the dog achieve success in whatever the dog handler and dog are doing and provides access to rewards and rewarding activities. I wanted to talk a bit about this role …

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7 Training Tips for Dog Owners This Christmas

Ah, the festive season is here! For us humans, Christmas time usually means having some time off work and spending it eating, drinking and having a great time with family and friends.  But what does the Christmas season mean for our dogs? Every year we see a spike in training enquiries from pet owners just after Christmas. We are busy …

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