Herzhund Malinois

Bite Sleeve, so many, which one, why?

bite sleeve

Many years ago, the goal of training bite work was to get the dog to bite a person or target item, such as a bite sleeve. These days, it can be a lot more complicated because often handlers, competitors or departments want a certain “style” of bite work to suit the sport or job they are doing. In this article …

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The Broken Handler

broken handler

Every day I see a broken handler, broken by their dogs behaviour, they often describe their relationship with their dog as a “love / hate relationship“. There are parts of their dog that they love beyond what words can describe, but there are elements of their dogs behaviour that make them anxious, frustrated, frightened, feel weak – typically a broken …

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Are you a good dog handler?

dog handler

The term dog handler is the term used to identify or describe the person who is in charge of the dog, who guides, drives and limits the dog and helps the dog achieve success in whatever the dog handler and dog are doing and provides access to rewards and rewarding activities. I wanted to talk a bit about this role …

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Why exercise may not be the answer to your dog problems

Exercise to cure dog problems? A fit body attached to an unsatisfied mind doesn’t make for a well behaved dog, but a satisfied dog might be just be enough to have a well balanced dog. Each week I consult with a number of dog owners often dealing with hyper active, over excited, anxiously unsatisfied dogs that often are receiving as much …

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Do dogs go to jail? – Dog Behaviourist Steve Courtney

Dog Behaviourist

My son Tyler is 11 years old and he can be a bit of a thinker. He will often “ponder” things and then ask questions about them, very often complicated questions, more complicated than you may expect from an 11 year old. He must have been thinking about Jail and he knows I am a dog behaviourist / trainer so …

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Puppy Blaze Update!

Can you believe it – Blaze is now 7 months old! Gee time flies fast when you have a Malinois puppy 🙂 As Blaze has gotten older, the foundation training I put into her from 8 weeks has really started to strengthen and shine through.

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Living with Malinois

Living with Malinois, dog behaviour

With the upcoming release of the movie Max, which stars a Malinois, there has been a lot of talk about educating the general public on what it is like to own a Malinois. I thought I would give an insight into what life is like, from the perspective of someone who works for a professional training company, to live with …

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Dog bite with No warning signs

dog bite with no warning signs

Dog bite with No warning signs? Each week, as many of you know, I consult with many dog owners who are reacting to their dogs behaviour. This often means that there has been a dog bite with no warning signs, and they need help.

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