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We have been having a good look at the FitPAWS products for dogs over the last 6 months, and we believe that they are a very beneficial part of training and working with performance dogs or in the rehabilitation of injured dogs or for dogs that have degenerative disease like hip displaysia etc.

These tools offer low impact exercise for dogs that strengthen muscles and help the dog build core strength, which is the cornerstone of a high performance dog.

We believe dogs that work out on these tools will suffer less injuries in sports and work as they will have developed better muscle tone and core strength in order to deal with the stress and strains put on their body.

We would like you to be as impressed with the FitPAWS products as we are and to help you try them, were giving a great discount on the full range of FitPAWS products at the moment.

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FitPAWS Balance Balls can really help your dog perform at 100%

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