Rebecca Chin

Bec has been mentored by Steve Courtney since 2007 and works full time at K9 Pro as both a Dog Trainer and Sales & Marketing Manager. She primarily works with dog owners to help them teach their dogs good life skills and general obedience, as well as helping new puppy owners with puppy foundation training.

Socialising pups: the big mistake

While I love training puppies and their new owners, a large part of my job is working with clients who have dogs (usually around the age of 12-18 months) that cannot control themselves around other dogs.   Most commonly these dogs will come to us for training and behaviour issues ranging from general bad manners to over excitement and lack …

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TASPOL and Garsova Puppy Development Program, Sponsored by K9 Pro!

Raising a puppy can be a challenge for even experienced pet owners, but raising a puppy to develop it as a working K9 is a whole other level. K9 Pro is proud to be a sponsor of Garsova’s Puppy Development Program, designed to raise and development German Shepherd pups with the ultimate goal to be provided to a Policing Agency, …

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Feeding vs Reinforcing In Behaviour Modification

One of the most important things I have learnt as a dog trainer is the difference between feeding a dog and reinforcing behaviour with food. Learning how to use reinforcement correctly in training is usually just one element of successful behaviour modification but it is a critical part of helping the dog to develop work ethic, learn how to make …

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Holidaying with Dogs

It’s that time of year where we all start to wind down into holiday mode and get ready to enjoy the Summer period. This often means holidays and trips away and if you are anything like me, you like to bring your dogs along with you when you travel. I love spending time with my dogs and I especially enjoy …

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Emotional Speed Limits for your dog

Does your dog know the road rules? Let’s talk about setting emotional speed limits for your dog Imagine this: a world where we can drive at any speed we want, any time we want. No need to indicate, get your license, stick to the correct lane – just zig zag along the road at any speed you desire. It would …

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Are Dogs With Behaviour Problems Abused?

I was walking at our local markets with our young female Malinois, Blaze, the other weekend and I got chatting to one of the locals. They mentioned they had seen Steve and myself walking some of our board and train dogs in the area most week day mornings, and asked what they are being trained for? I gave the honest answer which …

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7 Training Tips for Dog Owners This Christmas

Ah, the festive season is here! For us humans, Christmas time usually means having some time off work and spending it eating, drinking and having a great time with family and friends.  But what does the Christmas season mean for our dogs? Every year we see a spike in training enquiries from pet owners just after Christmas. We are busy …

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Raising a Puppy, a year on

Raising a puppy

Twelve months ago I wrote this blog post sharing an update on how my pup Blaze was progressing and detailing how and why we do specific things when Raising a Puppy. A year on, and everything I wrote in the blog post from last year could not be more true as I find myself with an adolescent dog coming in to …

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