A lot is resting on my decision

A lot is resting on my decision on which pup I choose, do I go with the heart and pick the strongest pup, or with my head and pick the pup with the most drive duration? Raising this pup in my little bit of available time as a Trainer, Behaviourist, Husband and Father is going to be tricky enough without me choosing a pup based on the wrong criteria.

With Genetics like these, there will be no “duds”, but there will be pups that are more suitable than others.

I have different goals than when I selected my previous pups, I was looking for a heavily socially dominant dog that had plenty of kick in it and wouldn’t take any crap, I don’t not want that, but the edge may not need to be so sharp.

I always advise people to take what the breeder says into consideration but don’t be handed a pup and accept it without explanation, this is especially true when breeders don’t work or compete or do what you want to do with their dogs. Jens was very easy to explain this to and he was happy to make his suggestion but i was free to choose the pick of the litter on my own tests / experience.

As Jens is a very experienced breeder, handler and trainer for high end dog sport, his opinion was of great value to me, so I was eager to here which pup he thought was most suitable.

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